Thursday, 24 November 2016

Georgian Menagerie: Enamel Boar**

Enamel wild boar, c. 1760-70.
Sold at Bonham's for £1.375 in 2011.

An enamel bonbonnière (sweet box) of a wild boar, complete with tusks and pink snout, and the lid is painted with a boar in a woodland scene.
Lid of the above box, 7.5 cm wide.

A detached lid [below] depicting a scene of a wild boar hunt is held at Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery, with two men and two dogs- the man on the horse blowing a horn. The shape of the lid is exact to the box above, so suggests, along with the imagery, that this was attached to a boar bonbonnière.

A lid (mounted for display), probably from a boar bonbonnière.
Held at Wolverhampton Museum, and dated at 1747-67.
EM78 Suggested to be painted in Birmingham. 6.7 cm wide. EM78

For comparison, below is another boar from a private collection, with detailed painting over the head. The lid depicts man on a horse spearing a boar which is much more crudely painted than the other lids, as well as differing from the intricate painting of the head.
Enamel wild boar, c. 1760-70. Private collection.
Bilston or Birmingham.

Lid of the box above.
H: 5cm. W: 7cm. D: 8cm.
An even cruder example is the boar below, which is probably a later example, made of a poorer quality for a wider market. The shape has also been simplified, fitting a circular lid. .
Enamel boar, c 1780, private collection.
Bilston or Birmingham.

Lid of the box above.

Interior of the box above.

NB: Boxes from private collections have been used for comparison only. 

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