Friday, 25 November 2016

Charles Jones's Love Tokens**


The reverse side of the Love Tokens, with
the makers name, Charles Jones.

These ‘Love Tokens’ were made in Birmingham in bronze and gold gilt in the 1830s by Charles Jones of the Pantechnetheca (a grand toy-shop/repository); these are gold gilt examples of the whole set of six. Each token depicts two cupids rolling dice on the reverse [above], and a different scene (again, each with Cupid) on the obverse, as follows:

'AMOR FURIOSO', or, Furious Love

'AMOR VILE', or, Vile Love

'AMOR POETICO', or, Poetic Love

'AMOR NOBILE', or, Noble Love

'AMOR LENTO', or, Slow Love

'AMOR VOLUBILE', or, Changeable Love

These would have been made as collectable items, and Birmingham produced a vast range.

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