Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Samuel Raven's Snuff Boxes

Snuff box painted with the actress Mrs. Honey, c. 1820 by Raven.
From the V&A Collection.

These snuff boxes were made in Birmingham at around the 1820s, by Samuel Raven (find out more about Raven here). Each one is a small (about 10cm) black japanned box with an intricately painted lid. Enjoy!

A box with the portrait of George IV.
George IV, c. 1822.
From the BMAG Collection.
Signed inside, see below.

Other snuff boxes painted by Raven include one of the printer and japanner John Baskerville, which is a copy of a larger portrait thought to be by James Millar. The production of the snuff box perhaps coincided with the exhuming of Baskerville's body in 1829, when it was put on display for several months at a local warehouse!
The Baskerville snuff box painted
by Samuel Raven is at BMAG.
Below is a selection of boxes from private collections, for interest (all signed).

A lady in clouds. Signature is below.

The Duchess of Clarence, later Queen Adelaide
A selection of provocative ladies.....

And a rather stern little dog....

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